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Why use a weighted blanket when you could sleep under a pile if cinder blocks instead?

And here is how the sign up form looks when request-an-invite mode is activated #mastodev

It's probably only a matter of time before we get a thinkpiece like "it's actually bad that the fediverse is so nice and positive all the time, being around toxic people taught me how to be tough" and it'll be written by some cishet white dude who contributes to wapo and whose only experience with online harassment is when a bunch of people on Twitter told him to get corncobbed in 2015

Capitalism fears labour. Make everyday Halloween. :^)

Did you know during 1917 Kerensky had to pretend to be two people when he was supposed to call Kornilov when negotiating if he could become Military Dictator of Russia.

Behold the best feature of Mastodon, I can say TERFs suck and I don't get banned.

Hello Federated Relay Timeline, I bring you greetings from the toucanverse

Image problems fixed, now to just get on a relay and start inviting people


Invite only Instance, ran by InDefenseOFToucans